Sunday, November 24, 2019

Toricelli Lautenberg Debate essays

Toricelli Lautenberg Debate essays Should Laudenburg have been allowed to replace Torricelli in the general election for U.S. Senator? When you think about a general election you think about all the planning, and the continuous work that goes into it. When someone decides to run for office they have to do research on their opponents, and see what their views are on different political situations, and even take a look into their background. Throughout an election the republicans and the democrats and any other party is continuously gaining information good and bad to use against their opponent. In the 2002 election for senate, the two parties that were being represented are the democrats and the republicans. Torricelli was running for the Democratic Party and Douglas Forrester was running for the Republican Party. Then after a poll showed that Torricelli was losing, and in fear of the loss of a democratic seat, he withdrew from the election, and was replaced by former senator Frank Lautenberg. However the Republican Party thought that is was unfair, illegal, and unconstitutional to replace a candidate at the last minute. Republicans called the switch, a political ploy intended to dump a candidate who seemed sure to lose in favor of potential winner. The excuse that was used on behalf of the Democratic Party is that challenger Forrester had made Torricellis ethics problems the focus of his campaign. The Supreme Court, when asked to make a decision on the issue, allowed the Democratic Party to change the ballots and allow Lautenberg to run. This caused a lot of turmoil, because, 1,700 absentee and overseas military ballots have already been printed. Therefore, in addition to granting the democrats the right for the switch it also made them pay $800,000 for the reprinting of the ballots. Numerous individuals feel that since the state court has a majority of democrats, they over ruled the law and allowed for the swit...

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