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Paper on the Internal and External Mechanisms free essay sample

All of these in which have basically the same goal but they all work In different ways. The objectives and duties range with each field of law enforcement as well as the wages vary with experience and rank wealth each of these levels. Each law enforcement agency has an array vast of subcategories that plays a role in the job details. Some categories focus more on specific details such as immigration while others focus mainly on community protection. Local law enforcement agencies are found in the cities and are typically small in size but not in al cases.Local law enforcement Is trusted by the people of a community to protect them and enforce all laws. These laws also Include traffic laws as well as criminal laws. The function of local police include to prevent and control widely recognized as threatening, aid individuals in danger of physical harm, facilitate the movement of people and vehicles, assistance to those who cannot care for themselves, resolve conflict, and create and maintain the feeling of security in communities (Goldstein, 1977). We will write a custom essay sample on Paper on the Internal and External Mechanisms or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Local law enforcement agencies employ people to do clerical work, data entry, and a number of other things.Depending on the size of the city determines law enforcement agencies are involved in program within school within each community such as D. A. R. E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and G. R. E. A. T (Gang Resistance Education and Training). These programs are put in place locally and nationally to educate the young people of the consequences and negativity of drugs and gangs and also the parents of these young people the warning signs of drug abuse and gang involvement and the ways to deal with the types of things. Community awareness plays a major role in the success of law enforcement.State law enforcement and local law enforcement agencies work together hand in hand. State law enforcement includes highway patrol and may also include investigations. In some cases the state may have a bureau of investigation. The state patrol agencies help local police with investigation and also emergencies that may be out of the local law enforcements Jurisdiction. The Jurisdiction of state police is spread throughout a state. They also assist in criminal investigation as well as highway patrol. State police along with local police have the right to arrest anyone who has broken a law.As well as working hand in hand with local police they have a large affiliation with federal agencies. They aid in homeland security and also immigration. A patrol officer play an important role in within law enforcement and their function vary in many ways. A patrol officer has specific duties and directives of law that must be followed. These directives include identifying criminal offenders as well as being aware of criminal activity. Along with all of the levels of law enforcement they also have to be involved in court proceedings.The major role of a patrol officer is to be involved in preventive patrol. Preventive patrol is simply preventing the opportunity of misconduct. They also are obligated to assist and aid people who are in harms way. A patrol officer is more active on the highways major roads and because of this they have to communicate the tour of his or her duties regularly. Along with all of the other law enforcement officers they have to inquire and make sure that all of the equipment is functional and in working condition.The last thing an officer needs or want to anticipate is equipment failure. They also perform public assembly checks. Federal law enforcement agencies are organized sub unit of the federal government. They focus solely on prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes. The federal law enforcement agencies include Customs and Border control, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, and also the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearms, United States Armed Forces, Central Intelligence Agency, and Transportation Security Administrations Federal Air Marshals.The roles and functions of a law enforcement agent has a wide works together in many ways to apprehend criminals and help to cut the opportunity for misconduct of criminals or potential criminals. Local, state, and federal law enforcement has different Job descriptions but the same goal to protect and serve the people of the United Sates and each state and the communities within each. Local police officers Jurisdictions are solely the city in which he or she may work for. The goals are to stop and prevent NY harm to the community by apprehending the criminal or delinquent person.Local agencies are involved in the drug and gang resistance programs performed in schools to help make young people and their parents aware of these happening that are taking place within every community. They work with the state to aid in patrol. Goals are preventive patrol to help prevent any crime that may occur. There are extensive measures that are taken and needed to complete an application for local, state, and federal Jobs. These applications are very extensive to ensure that they are ring the right people to enforce the laws.

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