Sunday, March 15, 2020

Agamemnon and Beowulf essays

Agamemnon and Beowulf essays We should point out from the very beginning that both Agamemnon and Beowulf, as literary works are marked throughout the text by the powerful, decisive personality of the two main characters. In this sense, deciding whether it is one or the other that is a better guide for living will need to partially relate to whether one or the other of the two characters has a better perspective of life, a better approach in finding solutions to the problems that may arise in his path and a better vision of the future actions. Aeschyluss play presents an obviously tragic setting. We are first of all confused by the extreme cautiousness that Agamemnon is walking with in his own home. Obviously, the playwright is working with all characters and all lines in order to emphasize this feeling of non-trust that is present in the palace. Starting with Clytemnestra, all characters seem to be a part of a ploy against the returning and to plot schemes in order to bring his downfall. Obviously, the entire sentiment that is built in the first acts is justified: Clytemnestra murders Agamemnon in the bathtub and Aegisthus, the queens lover can take part of the merits for the murders. Aeschyluss play, just as the main character, Agamemnon, draws a very bleak perspective and approach to life. The playwright creates an environment of distrust and extreme precautions to be taken even into your own home. Additionally, the tragic dimension of life is opened here, the futility of all things. If we think, for example, of the fact that Agamemnon was in fact a glorious victor and defeater of Troy, we might believe that the way he is received back at home is tragic if it would have happened in everyday life. Indeed, in life, you usually expect to receive all merits for a success, while in is play, success is paid for with murder, dishonesty and treachery. A last thing we should relate from the play and character ...

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